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Treatment of cereal grains is practically a waste-free production. For example such by-product of flour production as bran is not considered to be a waste. It is corn’s hard shell rich in fiber. Daily eating of food products which include bran helps to cure digestive disorders, obesity, it is also serves as a preventive of many diseases, including cancer.

Moreover, bran can be eaten as separate dish previously dissolved on steam, besides it can be used as additions to various dishes such as soups, salads, burgers, yogurt, milk, etc. Bran contains huge amount of vitamins and trace elements . It helps to remove various toxins, heavy metals and even radionuclides from the human body. Products with bran are included in the diet of pregnant women.

Bran is the most valuable fodder for cattle

If the use of bran for human nutrition can be considered only as a supplement to the basic diet for medical treatment and (or) a preventive measure, it is one of the most valuable fodders for all types of farm animals. Growing dairy cattle and fattening young animals is impossible without feeding them with bran. Depending on the type of livestock, bran is prepared for them in the form of swill or mash. Also, this product is a part of different mixed fodders.

Sale of bran to agricultural companies

Many agricultural companies are engaged in bran sale, especially those who grow grain crops - wheat, rye and oats. There are no exception for agricultural companies which are the part of the Agricultural Holding "August". All the bran offered by our holding comply with DSTU and sanitary rules and regulations. It is possible to ship the bran packed in bags or in bulk.